March 1, 2020

Why I KNOW that Thiaoouba Prophecy is a True Report by Michel Desmarquet?

From time to time I used to get asked in Thiaoouba Prophecy group on FaceBook about my interaction with Thao, Biastra, and my spiritual experiences in general. I wrote this message in order to list some of those experiences, so that people can understand why I say I KNOW that Thiaoouba Prophecy (First published as "Abduction to the 9th planet") is a true book, reporting all that actually happened with Michel Desmarquet on his journey in June of 1987. I have not listed all of my experiences because some of them were personal at the moment of writing of this note, and others don't relate to this topic directly. Also, I have not written about my multiple series of dreams about Thiaooubians as this post would have been twice as long and, besides, people can always say that "those were just dreams". Only the actual experiences that happened during my waking hours go here. You may find the structure of this note a bit strange. This is because I copy most of it from a diary I keep about my spiritual experiences and dreams.

Unknown entity

I was about 5 years old when I learned that there is more to this life than is generally believed. It was in the village I used to visit every summer. My friend and his grandmother were sitting on a bench in front of our house. I heard the gate to our garden open and thought it was my mother coming out. When I turned my head, I saw a luminous, brightly colored entity, with bright yellow as its dominant color, dart fast past the house. I used to have a lot more experiences in that house, some related to ghosts and others to dreams that turned out to be portraying the real things. But for the sake of keeping this message as close to the topic of Thiaoouba as possible I'll skip them.

How to see auras

Without going into much detail, it's been a tough life for me psychologically. I've had my share of stress and depressions. When I was 18 and a half years old, I had a chance to change my life and live it the way I wanted. I those days I created around 4 rules that I wanted to follow in order to change the way of my life. Old habits die hard and I failed to do that. Due to stress my health deteriorated dramatically and I also got disappointed in life by that time. Disappointed because I didn't think it was fair that criminals get to live a happy life till old age and a person who's done nothing wrong, never hurt anyone gets to suffer; disappointed because even back then I started seeing that many people are confined by the material things. It was a very tough time and what saved my life was that I remembered reading about Auras. I figured if I was able to see them, to learn that they are indeed real, it would be something to continue living for. It would mean that there is good out there. So I Googled "how to see auras" and the first result brought this  website It wasn't long until I found out about a book called "Thiaoouba Prophecy". When I was reading it I as if "knew" inside of me that all that is written in it is the truth. It also contains ideas some of which I started to realize on my own when I was practicing meditation.

First telepathy

So, I started trying to learn if I was able to see Auras. This led me to my first experience of telepathy. It happened by accident when I was focusing on my pineal gland in order to see Auras. Thoughts came out from my, as it seemed, forehead. Don't remember the meaning of them, if there was one, but I'm sure there were no words, just thoughts. After a couple of days, a telepathic message came to me by the same means. It felt like it was coming from above me through my forehead and into the brain. Again, there were no words, just "thoughts" I could interpret. The message said something like “We won't/can't help you”. Thiaooubians did help me though on various occasions and so maybe I misread some of the thoughts that were coming into me.

Number 33. “Look!”

 I was watching a tennis match. I was able to relax my body and mind when I heard a clear woman's voice near my right ear say: “Look!”. My attention was drawn towards the corner of the tv screen where a court clock was showing 33 minutes. The voice I think belonged to Thao because she said the same thing («Look!») in the English version of Thiaoouba Prophecy on page 9:
‘Look’ she said to me. On the screen a colored dot had appeared and was growing rapidly.
‘What is it?’
...then on page 61: 
‘It is a good time to begin accustoming yourself to the light and color, Michel. Look!’
...and on page 140:
‘Now, yes - but you are going to see me again. Look!’
After that time, it's very common that my attention "gets drawn" to something and I see 33, 333, etc there.


On many occasions I would see Thao's face in front of my eyes. Sometimes at night when I'm in bed ready to sleep, sometimes after I wake up or and it happened once during the day. I also saw Biastra's face, grey's and some other being which seemed to wear some kind of unusual attire or even armor. Most of the time these visions mean that I'm on the right path and the choices made during the day were correct. And the ones I get after waking up I interpret as the ones confirming that the dream I had was either sent by them or has a special or spiritual meaning.
They both looked similar to how they are portrayed in the drawings of them, not surprisingly.

I've decided to post unedited one of my recent "visions" of the same kind:
"May 5, 2015. I woke up and, while still having my eyes closed, I saw an eye in the darkness. It half closed its eyelids as if to show that it was not a dream. I'm not sure but maybe there was a faint silhouette of a face. It had been a long time since I saw Thao the way I sometimes did before. Not sure if the eye belonged to a Thiaooubian anyway due to its color (which seemed like a shade of pale green or blue? (Latoli does have similar looking eyes but I don't know...)) Another thing to note is that it happened right before the clock showed 7:33 AM
Page 86  of Thiaoouba Prophecy
“...with such light eyes. So light, indeed, were the mauve and blue eyes around me, that I might have wondered if they were blind, had I been on Earth.”
Perhaps the eye could indeed belong to a Thiaooubian. Who else was a part of my life ever since I found the book after all?"


As you can see the vision's a bit vague... There's also a story involved. It concerns Latoli. But if I may, I wouldn't want to write about it for now. Just saying that I can see a connection here to her.
Another latest vision: "July 20, 2015. After going to bed to sleep a face appeared just for a short moment, a second or less. After several seconds I looked at the watch and it showed 12:34 am. It could have been 33 minutes when the face appeared."

"Shadow Thiaooubians" 

I had a dream which I don't remember now. After I woke up, I saw at least 2 human shadows "walk" across the wall near my bed. They moved from right to left. Those shadows very exactly like those captured by some ghost crews like Ghost Adventures. It relates to the visions I think because I guess they tried to tell me this way that a dream I had had before was of special importance, possibly sent by them. I feel like it also meant that the so called 'shadow people' is the real phenomena and the Ghost Adventure crew is to be trusted, no that I ever doubted their findings.

Dreams about giving me help

I received a dream saying that “We will be giving you messages. Some we will allow you to keep and some not.” Then I was shown a dream when I was waiting for the one that I could keep. I did receive the messages they said they would give me. All of them were in dreams. And the ones I wasn't able to keep are the dreams I forgot. I choose not to reveal the actual message, but I'll say that I realized after some time that they are exactly those 4 rules I wrote for myself back several years prior to that time.

At one time there was a message saying that Thao would be busy for a while, and so I shouldn't expect any communication from her for some time. Logically it wasn't Thao that spoke to me that day, since she wouldn't speak of herself in the third person. Since I saw Biastra years after that, I assume that it must have been her. As for the message itself, I wasn't having any dreams or visions for some considerable time after receiving it.

You would not have met (experienced the communication with us) us if...

(I don't know how many time I switched from the very short version to the middle one and then back when writing this next experience... the thing is it's one of the most important experiences in my life and I think I'll keep the middle version)
When I was almost 19 I fell in love with a girl who had to work as a prostitute (As you know the heart has a will of its own. I used to be repelled by this common, modern idea that people can sleep with anyone just for a single night and it's okay. I thought I would never have anything to do with such a girl, and yet there I was... realizing that no matter who we are, we're all the same people). I wanted to help her get out of the place she was in but first wanted to learn more about why she chose to be there. She got fired when she refused to sleep with her boss. Her mother lived in Turkey and father lived in Russia not far from Moscow. She said that she was unable to find work, ran out of money and decided to join a friend of hers in that place. For some reason it stuck in my mind that "she made that choice" since she had a father who lived in Russia and I couldn't see anything else but that. So I decided to abandon the idea and I tried my best to forget her and suppress all my feelings. I was so 'successful' in that that I only unblocked my mind when another spiritual experience happened to me. I felt something electric like touch my leg. It was 33 minutes at that exact moment. This event, along with some others that accompanied it made me remember that time again. I was able to see things from a new perspective now, I realized that there could have been lots of reasons why she wasn't able to live at her fathers, after all it was in the middle of a Russian winter that she was left on the street. I realized that I made the wrong decision and all the feelings about her came back, except this time I wasn't able to do anything about it. Time was gone. I have never been so much in pain ever in my life. The physical pain I've known is nothing compared to that feeling of sudden emptiness, realization that you can't change the past but really want to wake up again in that moment and do things differently. It was as if a black hole appeared in my body and was slowly but surely devouring me from inside. The telepathic message came in a couple of months after that when I was still in the same pain on the girl's account. I thought then that had I helped her that summer I could have lived a happy life, no matter the outcome or her decision - me going though that till the end could have affected the other choices I would make in the future. So it was said to me in the telepathic message, by voice, that then I would not have had the experiences I had with Thao, Biastra and others. It is true. And I cherish dearly this experience, even though it comes at a great price.

Other joys in life

During the same period of time, Thao (I think) told me when I woke up in a voice that I heard in my head: “There are other joys in life.”. She was referring to the relationships. In that case the sexual ones since I also thought that they, beings of the 9th category, don't need to seek a pair for it as Thao explained on page 161 of TP. On a side note she used the same words in TP when speaking about Arki's death and why Michel should not have been crying about the loss.
Page 129:
“Indeed it is sad, but we must not be selfish, Michel. Other adventures and other joys are probably in store for Arki.”
Speaking of electrical touches. I've had that same thing happen to me at another time too and it was also 33 minutes. And there was one other instance when I actually asked them to intervene should certain events happen. They did. Remember that Astral bodies are made of electrons. Paranormal, or ghost investigators also usually experience these electric touches. Only in their cases it's 19 percent of the electrons of the Universe that get in touch, so to say, not Astral bodies.

I know I didn't want to speak about dreams, but I feel like I should also briefly mention the ones that turned out to be prophetic. Since in all of them I heard the same familiar voice, Thao's, it's directly related to this topic of my "one-way communication" with them.

“Laptop Premonition”

In this dream it was said that a courier would come and, unexpectedly, ask to give money. I thought it was the courier that had to bring my Panasonic lens back and so I forgot about that dream. It happened that I needed to flash the video bios on my mobile video card. I wanted to bring the card myself to a service center but it proved difficult to find one and I was in an urgent situation. In short, the company I finally agreed to deal with sent a courier to pick up the laptop. He came and when the paper routine was done, he mentioned the money. The company later turned out to be a scum. I got my things back but it was a really bad experience, although educational and spiritual too. Still I wish I paid more attention to that dream and wasn't that naive. But it had to happen this way.
Other dreams are about my tooth. It showed that caries would start develop on the side, near another tooth where it's impossible to reach. I had several dreams about it and it turned to be 100% correct as well. I have this exact problem with my tooth right now.
Another series of dreams are about cancer. The symptoms start to appear as well exactly in the area they said would be affected. As before it was that nice woman's voice that brought the news.

To summarize I want to quote something from TP Page 39: 
"I have already told you, and I can’t repeat it often enough, we can help in certain situations but only so far. Beyond a certain point, the law strictly forbids aid of any kind."
Thao here speaks of the Universal Law and why they cannot help people all the time. That said, I can understand why some people could be skeptical about my experiences. I didn't go into much detail about my problems because I don't think it's important. But still you can see that they've been helping me more than anything else. I don't know the exact reasons, but I believe this is the main reason why I have this communication, and Thao confirmed it too in her message when she said that I wouldn't be having this experience had I lived a different, "happy" life. Truth be told I needed help badly back then, and I still do now. They wouldn't be who they are had they not helped. Remember also that it was me who reached out by accidentally sending the telepathic string of thoughts; perhaps it's another important point here. Also, against all odds and problems I had I still was able to learn to see Auras and learnt about the existence of other things like Astral travel and telekinesis. But despite that I was still on the wrong track. Actually, there is one other experience that happened when I was trying to see my Aura in the mirror. The color I saw around me was yellow - in a nutshell, it's the reflection of happiness and well-disposed state of being. I already knew by then that Thiaooubians are real and so I allowed, even though I was alone at home, to ask them if what I was seeing was indeed Aura. At the same very moment, the light in the room flickered and it was so sudden that it gave me a start. Simultaneously with that change of feeling the color of my Aura changed too to be dark red. So, I knew then once and for always that it is part of the aura, one of its letters. Perhaps you're curious why I listed my first ever experience in the village? So am I actually. What I do know for a fact is that I never read about anything like this ever in my life. Well, there were UFO stories about energy beings living on stars, but come on!? The only Real source I know of that mentioned something similar was Thiaoouba Prophecy. Who read it know what I'm talking about. I'm not saying it was one of them, I simply don't know that. Still, I can't help but wonder about that incident from time to time. I know that it led me to where I am now, and while I can't communicate with Thao, Biastra and others by my own intention, they certainly have become my best friends. Now I know that there is good out there.

Abduction to the 9th planet and Thiaoouba Prophecy book covers

P.S. The book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" can additionally be downloaded from Google Drive and Yandex Drive

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